Created by a mom, to help all moms.

Created by a mom
for all moms.

Hi, I’m Sonya and I’m the Founder of CBD For Moms! When, as a new mom, I was going through a divorce in the middle of the pandemic, I was looking for an unmedicated way to help me manage anxiety. I learned about CBD, but, in my search for an effective hemp oil, found only questionable products that I couldn’t get behind. So I decided to build my own, and make it the best and safest one yet.

As a mom, I’ve got you. You don’t have to do this
alone. You just found your new support system.

Sonya Trachsel
Mom & Founder

Backed by science

Backed by top researchers in the CBD field, we make sure that every process goes through rigurous testing. From the quality of the hemp, to all the herbs used in each tincture, every step of the process receives undivided attention.

Only traceable organic ingredients

We’ve worked hard to find the right partners to use the best extracts that meet our standards. At CBD For Moms, we are commited to full transparency. As much as you are looking for daily calm, we are looking to provide that by sharing the choices we make related to our product, company and beyond.

Helping moms all the
way through

We are committed to donating 2% of revenue
between two organizations: 2020 Mom, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund.
We believe women deserve to become a mom
only when they are ready, and be supported with mental health care.

For All Moms.

Single moms, partnered moms,
stay-at-home moms, opt-outside moms,
working moms, party moms, active moms,
binge-watching moms, step moms, plant moms,
dog moms, grandmoms.

All moms.