So, does CBD actually work?
Yes, but not how you think.

Mama, first things first, we aren't going to lie: CBD is not a magical switch. But CBD can do amazing things if taken consistently, just like your vitamins.

Everybody has an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for a lot of things. For example, regulating your mood, and even digestion and fertility. It attaches to your neural receptors, and your brain — CBD activates these receptors, and the research shows that it helps with things like inflammation and serotonin regulation.

As with everything, it all depends on the quality, and we are proud to use the most safe & effective ingredients in our tinctures to help moms feel good daily.

Science behind CBD

No Stress,
delivered to your door.

No Stress is our signature tincture filled with the safe and effective 1000mg CBD oil and MCT oil.

As a mom you know better than anyone that being stressed out is a fast-track to feeling unwell. Taking high-quality CBD every day can balance your body and help you feel calmer.*

Things it may help with*:

- decrease anxiety

- improve sleep cycle

- boost focus

- ease period pain

Get calm

Founded by a mom
who gets it.

When we become moms things change. Our priorities change. And while this transformation happens, we largely forget about our own needs which impact our well-being day to day.

Being proactive with our health and mental health is the most important thing we as moms can do to not let things reach the point of burnout.

And while society at large often expects mothers to live with stress, we are on a mission to change this. We donate 2% to the maternal mental health fund and we hope that with your help we'll be to make a big difference.

Our story

“Busy momma, bad sleep.  After a few days of taking the No Stress tincture I woke up feeling refreshed. 10/10 would recommend. ✨”

- Christina F.

You deserve to know what goes
into your body.

Our oil extract comes from organically grown hemp and contains less than 0.1% THC. Unlike some other brands we don’t use any solvents to remediate THC, but still get to keep the beneficial compounds to produce the most effective tincture. Every ingredient is traceable to ensure that you will always receive the safest and most effective product.

Get peace of mind


Mom 100% guarantee.

Our goal is to make sure that you're happy and have the best experience.

Love it, or it’s on us.*

Find your balance

Here to take care of you
while you take care of others.

Our team is always available to answer questions
and consult with you on appropriate dosage.*

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